Iā€™m always looking for fashion inspiration, especially on Instagram. I complied a list of some of my favorite pages that I seek inspiration from, in no particular order.


This fellow Scorpio has the “girl next door” look with a bit of an edge. What I admire the most is her effortless style. Above all, her personality is what won me over. You should check out her channel to see what I mean.



I discovered Camilla years ago when her focus was beauty. She has grown since then and now turned into a Fashionista. Her style is very similar to mine, fashionable, sexy but with class.



I have learned a lot from Chriselle through her YouTube channel. I admire her skill to layer and pair unique patterns and texture together. Her style isn’t easy to replicate, that’s what makes her so cool and chic.



Mellissa has a timeless style. Everything she wears is tailored to her amazing body. She carries the minimalist look with grace and style..



If you can’t tell by her last name, Dani is related to Aimee. She did a great job stepping out of the shadows of her sister. In my opinion, she is the definition of cool !



Whenever I need a sexy look, I look at her page for inspiration. I also love the fact that everything she wears is affordable, unlike the others I listed. It’s important to mix high end with affordable items, versatility is key.


Leave me a comment and let me know what fashion Instagram pages inspire you

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